Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Protein Crispy Bar (40g)

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If you’re going to indulge, it might as well be with a great tasting, non-GMO and gluten-free bar that’s high in protein. And if there’s one thing we know at PureFit, it’s how to make a bar just like that! Packed with 12 grams of protein, the Chocolate Chunk Protein Crisp Bar is sure to satisfy your urge for a gluten-free crunch that tastes great.

Ingredients: Soy protein crisps (Soy protein isolate and tapioca starch),Greek yogurt confectionery(sugar, palm kernel oil, milk powder, Greek yogurt powder ,lactic acid ,soy lecithin and extract),chicory root fiber, brown rice syrup, semi-sweet chocolate chunk, toasted almond, sugar, fructose, oil, unsweetened chocolate, maple syrup, salt, natural vanilla and chocolate flavors, soy lecithin.


Gluten Free 

Vendor: Purefit