Keto Gluten Free Blueberry Granola (298g)

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No gluten. No grains. No guilt. With just 1g Net Carbs and No Sugar Added, you can go nuts with this low carb snack packed with 5g protein. Crunch with confidence knowing that you’re not just avoiding extra carbs and fillers, you’re actually nourishing your body with premium nuts and seeds. Low carb & keto friendly. Finding delicious ketogenic or low-carb products shouldn't be hard. Whether you're on a diabetic, keto, paleo, LCHF, or Atkins diet, this low carb nut granola is the perfect treat to satisfy your crunchy carb cravings.

Ingreadients : Keto Nut Mix (Almond ,Pumpkin Seeds,Sunflower seeds , Coconut Chips , Pecans) Keto Sweetener (Erythritol,Monk fruit extract), Coconut oil,Blueberries, Fine sea salt)

Gluten Free 


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