Organic Choco Bisco (105g)

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Our Choco Bisco are sweet nibbles for all occasions: take them with you, share and enjoy. Carefully made from oat flakes and oat flour and topped with dark chocolate chips, they are little treats for all those who enjoy consciously.

Ingredients : gluten free oat * 39% (flakes*, flour*) , dark chocolate chips * 15% (cocoa*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) , maize starch * , palm oil * , glucose syrup * , cane sugar * , maize flour * , low-fat cocoa powder * , sea salt , vanilla extract * , raising agents: ammonium carbonate, calcium phosphate ; emulsifier: sunflower lecithin* . Not suitable if you are allergic to the protein avenin. 


Organic / Gluten Free 


Vendor: Dr. Schar