Organic Gluten Free Amaranth Flour ( 510g )

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Amaranth flour is a single-ingredient, whole grain, organic flour that is great for gluten free cooking. It has a mild but distinct, slightly sweet, nutty, earthy and malt-like flavor that makes it a fun addition to baked goods. We recommend replacing up to 25% of your recipe's conventional flour with Amaranth flour. Try in in breads, cookies, savory crackers, or even make amaranth tortillas! Also check out our whole grain amaranth in the Bob's Red Mill grains of Discovery product line. Like all of our gluten free-labeled products, this product is processed in a dedicated gluten free facility and R5-ELISA tested to confirm its gluten free status.

Ingreadient : Organic whole grain Amaranth


Organic / Gluten Free 

Vendor: Bob's Red Mill