Organic Milk Chocolate Biscuits ( 225g )

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Our Chocolate Fillers are made with real dark chocolate pure cocoa butter and are therefore naturally a source of iron and magnesium. We have also chosen to use unrefined cane sugar and to incorporate a large quantity of wheat into our recipe, to make a cookie rich in cereals. Let yourself be tempted by this crispy snack and succumb to the pleasure of real chocolate.

Ingredients : Wheat flour 39%, dark chocolate 25% (cocoa mass *, cane sugar unrefined 9.5%, cocoa butter ), cane sugar unrefined brown 16%, whole wheat flour 15%, oleic sunflower oil , natural vanilla flavor, skim milk powder, unrefined sea salt, baking powders: ammonium carbonates, sodium carbonates; thickener: acacia gum , antioxidant: rosemary extracts .


Vendor: Bjorg