Organic Super Veggie Juice (946ml)

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Lakewood Super Veggie provides: essential micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals & fiber to help: maintain healthy blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels, support the immune system and maintain normal glucose levels, improve Iron absorption and maintain strong healthy teeth & gums, restore vital body electrolytes for overall vitality, health & well-being, promote normal cell growth. Protect against infections and keep eyes & skin healthy, support the digestive system and provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life.

Ingredients: Tomatoes*, Juice* and Puree* from Whole Vegetables* (Carrots*, Celery*, Beets*, Broccoli*, Lettuce*, Arugula*, Kale*, Collard Greens*, Parsley* and Spinach*) Lemon Juice*, Pure Salt, Jalapeno*, Garlic* and Cayenne Pepper*. *Organic.


Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Organic

Vendor: Lakewood