Pinto Beans (765g)

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Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans are rich and hearty in flavor and have a smooth, creamy texture. Pinto in Spanish means "painted", and with their reddish brown hues splashed against beige skins, they live up beautifully to their name. Pinto beans are one of many legumes in the "common beans" family.

Pinto beans an excellent low-fat source of protein and dietary fiber. If you're looking for ways to eliminate red meat from your diet, become a fan of pinto beans! Combine them with a whole grain like quinoa, spelt or brown rice and you have a low-fat, nutrient-dense, high-protein meal. Pinto beans also provide iron.

Pinto beans are the ultimate bean to have in the pantry. This is truly an all-purpose bean! They are perfect used in chili, stews, soups, baked beans, refried beans and other Mexican dishes. You can use Pinto beans in any recipe calling for red beans.

Ingredients: Pinto beans. Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk.

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