Rice Trat with Red Berries (200g)

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Riso Fruit is a soft rice tart covered with red fruit jam, without sugar. Excellent for breakfast or snacking light at any time of the day. The crossed-out ear of wheat certification is shown on the packaging, as the elaboration of the product meets all the strict controls by the Italian Celiac Association regarding absence of gluten. Riso Fruit is dairy and egg free, therefore, it is also suitable for people who have these specific dietary needs.

Ingredients: Strawberry and raspberry jam (cane sugar*, strawberries*, raspberries*, gelling agent: pectin, acidity corrector: citric acid), palm oil*, rice flour*, corn flour*, corn starch*, roasted soy flour*, potato starch*, cane sugar*, glucose-fructose corn syrup*, rice starch*, rice bran*, raising agents (potassium tartrates, sodium carbonates), salt, natural flavouring*. *Organic.


Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Egg Free | Organic

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