Living a whole some life requires a closer scrutiny of the so called modern food we blindly consume. Guided by the sense of urgency to provide our community at large with a more sustainable lifestyle, Juthour was created to promote and provide natural healthy foods.

We, at Juthour, believe in quality. Only the best products made with the finest ingredients ensure the delivery of our promise.  All of our products are natural, some organic. They are free of sulfites, MSG, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, genetically engineered ingredients. No coloring, chemical preservatives or artificial flavors. We also cater to athletes and the health conscious individuals by providing high energy, high protein and low carbohydrates products.

We do provide specialty products for those on special diets or with specific health needs including those whose diets are affected and greatly limited by Celiac, allergies, diabetes and high blood pressure.


Our Values:

To be true to ourselves and to our clients.

To serve those who seek our help and guidance to a healthier life.


Our mission:

To promote and provide natural healthy foods to the best of our knowledge.

To promote and provide specialty products for those with specific health needs.


Our vision:

To be one of the biggest companies in the Middle East to provide natural, organic and specialty food products

To be part of “Juthour”, means not only to understand it’s values, mission and vision but also to believe in them. The close relationship of all members of “Juthour” will result in mutual benefit to the company and to all team members.

We are, so far, the leaders in our business category, and we are leading the organic segment in Jordan. Our customers are our focus, some want us to help them and seek our support, others follow what is happening around them. No matter who our customer is, we respect every one of them, and try to maximize their benefit from our knowledge. We try to communicate with our clients so every one of them leaves us feeling special.




Luma Khalaf / Nahhas - Founder