ATD Laundry Detergent Lavender Lessive Liquide (2L)

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Here's a laundry fact: many detergents rely on enzymes to gobble up dirt from your clothes. But these enzymes can be a source of irritation for sensitive skin. Enter ATTITUDE Nature+ Technology™ Laundry Detergent – Lavender. ECOLOGO® Certified, sustainable, and biodegradable, it exclusively harnesses natural and effective ingredients like antibacterial green tea extract. This laundry detergent is kind to both your clothes and your skin, completely enzyme-free and safe for the entire family. With a refreshing citrus scent, it delivers 40 loads of freshness and fragrance.

Ingredients: <5% anionic surfactants / agents de surface anioniques (sodium coco-sulfate)
5%-15% non-ionic surfactants/ agents de surface non-ioniques (lauryl glucoside, caprylyl glucoside, myristyl glucoside)

Vendor: Attitude