Stash Gluten Free Breakfast in Paris Black Tea (36g)

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Allow us to introduce your newest crush, inspired by the City of Love. We've named it 'Breakfast in Paris' because this exquisite blend of lavender, bergamot citrus, and vanilla will have you yearning for cup after cup. This unique and aromatic tea has an undeniable 'je ne sais quoi' that might just make you fall head over heels... for the tea, of course.

Some might call it a lavender tea, and they wouldn't be entirely wrong, as the lavender takes center stage in this blend. However, 'Breakfast in Paris' is more than just lavender; it's a captivating Earl Grey lavender tea with a touch of vanilla.

3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit
Tea Bag Packaging: 18 tea bags in a box

Ingredients: Blended black teas, lavender, bergamot oil, vanilla extract

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