Laundry Detergent Free & Clear (3.17Kg)

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Seventh Generation Discloses All IngredientsYou have the right to know what makes Seventh Generation's cleaning products SAFE for people and the environment as well as EFFECTIVE at getting the job done, so Seventh Generation includes a full ingredients list on all of their cleaners. Mineral Water Softener: Alkalinity Builder: Removes water hardness for enhanced cleaning performancePlant-based Cleaning Agent: Stain removing power for use in HE and standard machinesMineral- and Oxygen-based Stain Removal Agent: Whitens without chlorine bleachThis product is formulated to be safe for your family and the environment. Our unique ingredient combination is biodegradable and free of optical brighteners.The product is free & clear of dyes, fragrances & masking agents.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate (mineral-based cleaning agent), laureth-6 (plant-based cleaning agent), sodium citrate (plant-derived water softener), sodium silicate (mineral-based cleaning enhancer), sodium aluminosilicate (mineral-based water softener), sodium bicarbonate (mineral-based pH adjuster), sodium percarbonate (mineral-based oxygen stain removal agent), magnesium sulfate (mineral-based cleaning enhancer), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (plant-derived anti-foaming agent), lauryl polyglucose (plant-derived cleaning agent), cellulose gum (plant-based anti-redeposition agent), sodium carboxymethyl inulin (plant-based soil dispersant), protease and amylase (plant-derived enzyme blend soil removers).

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