Organic Cocoa Cookies Rice Crispies (250g)

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Delicious chocolate drops, cocoa and crunchy rice crispies come together to create an irresistible biscuit. The flavor is enhanced by the hazelnut flour, for those who want to savor all the authenticity and goodness of the ingredients that have always been selected with care and passion.

Ingredients: Whole meal soft wheat flour* 33%, rolled oats*, whole cane sugar* 17%, high oleic sunflower oil*, rice flour*, rice crispies* 5.5%, chocolate chips* cocoa* 55%, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*) 4.5%, hazelnut flour * 4.5%, cocoa* 4%, wheat starch *, raising agents: sodium carbonates, potassium tartrates, ammonium carbonates, natural flavoring*


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