Organic Gluten-Free Sugar Free Whole Oat with Lemon & Ginger Cookies (250g)

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An explosion of goodness with no added sugar! The sweetness of the oats, the inviting scent of ginger and lemon and the crispness of the shortbread make this biscuit irresistible! The sweet and fresh flavor of Girasoli is given by Erythritol, a vegetable sweetener found in cereals, which is an excellent alternative to traditional sugar.

Ingredients: Whole oat flour gluten free* 26%, rice flour*, erythritol*, high oleic sunflower oil*, lemon juice* 2,5%, ginger* 1%, potassium tartrates, sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates, inulin*, lemon juice* 0,05%, extracts of rosemary*


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