Pan Blanco Multigrain Bread (250g)

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New recipe, without palm oil! If you like the taste of healthy seeds, you’ll love this whole grain gluten-free bread. This delicious bread contains linseed beneficial for our digestion and beautiful skin, sunflower seeds, which lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your hair and nails and additionally contains important minerals such as iron, magnesium or zinc.

Ingredients: Water , maize starch , rice flour 10% , vegetable fibre (psyllium) , linseed 3% , thickener:hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ; sunflower oil , soy protein , sunflower seeds 1,8% , yeast , millet seeds 1,2% , salt , sugar , citrus fibre . May contain traces of lupine . LACTOSE FREE (lactose<0.007g/100g) .


Gluten Free | Lactose Free


Vendor: Dr. Schar