POP Chips Chili Cheese Corn Chips (142g)

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We're coming in big on flavor.
When it comes to flavor, go big or go home. And what's bigger than a rich, hearty bowl of chili smothered in creamy cheddar cheese? Seriously, picture a colossal bowl of red chili with beans and all the good stuff, and then load up some fresh shredded cheddar on top and then imagine face-planting in all that savory goodness. if we're going this big, you ain't going home.

Ingredients: corn flour, sunflower oil, corn starch, rice flour, sea salt, chili pepper, garlic powder, yeast extract, spices, tomato powder, onion powder, natural flavors, milk, cultures, enzymes, cream, nonfat milk, whey, citric acid, paprika extract [color].


Gluten Free 

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