Spearmint Tooth Paste (141g)

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The newly formulated spry fluoride Free spearmint toothpaste features the greatest most natural ingredients to ensure you have a healthy mouth. It is rich in xylitol a natural sweetener which is clinically proven to improve oral health by managing the microbiome in the mouth in the healthiest way possible. Xylitol does this by inhibiting cavity Causing bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums. Xylitol also moisturizes helping to cleanse your mouth and reduce dry mouth discomfort. Spry toothpaste now features cranberry extract for its natural anti Plaque and tartar control benefits. Aloe is also included to soothe your delicate oral tissues. The new and improved formula is paraben Free and sorbitol Free.

Ingredients: water;silica;vegetable glycerin;xylitol;erythritol;lauryl glucoside;l-arginine;natural spearmint flavor;cranberry extract;aloe vera;xanthan gum;sodium methyl cocoyl taurate;titanium dioxide;stevia;cellulose gum;sodium trimetaphosphate (stmp);sodium benzoate;zinc citrate

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