Zenergie-All Green Detox 1 Day

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The All Green Detox has been designed for those looking into drinking mostly vegetables and green juices. This set is lower in calories and lower in fructose (found in fruits) than other detox programs we have at Zenergie.
The All Green Detox is full of ingredients that help our body release toxins such as spirulina, coriander, parsley, celery and ginger. The cleanse itself:
As soon as you get your Zenergie package place it in the fridge

Swap your regular food plan with our Juice. We have numbered all the juices for you; to be drunk accordingly. Feel free to make any necessary changes according to your personal needs.

Space out your juices over 12 hrs and leave 2 - 3 hours between each juice

Slow down the rhythm of your day and give your body the chance to heal itself as nature intended. Let’s get you #Zenergized

Ingredients: x1 100% Celery (275ml) x1 Aloe - Coconut (275ml) x1 Forest Green (275ml) x1 Sweet Greens (275ml) x1 Super Celery (275ml) x1 Black Lemonade (275ml) x1 Celery shot (120ml)

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