Zenergie-All Green Detox 2 Days

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The All Green Detox is full of ingredients that help our body release toxins such as spirulina, coriander, parsley, celery and ginger. The cleanse itself:
As soon as you get your Zenergie package place it in the fridge

Swap your regular food plan with our Juice. We have numbered all the juices for you; to be drunk accordingly. Feel free to make any necessary changes according to your personal needs.

Space out your juices over 12 hrs and leave 2 - 3 hours between each juice

Slow down the rhythm of your day and give your body the chance to heal itself as nature intended. Let’s get you #Zenergized

Ingrdients: x2 100% Celery (275ml) x2 Aloe - Coconut (275ml) x2 Forest Green (275ml) x2 Sweet Greens (275ml) x2 Super Celery (275ml) x2 Black Lemonade (275ml) x1 Celery shot (120ml) x1 Ginger shot (60ml)

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