The universe is way too complex for anyone to have it all figured out. But if there is one thing I'm sure of in this entire world is that “chance” and “coincidence” are false concepts.

Everything happens for a specific reason at a specific time. However, attempting to understand those reasons and make something out of it, is the tough part. Believing in the power of the mind is not something that came easy to me. But then again “easy” is not a term that is lightly used to describe anything in life.

My memory is not something I would ever win an award for; ironically enough, all of my motivation stems from a single memory that will forever be engraved in my mind. There I stood, in a tiny clinic in the States. My husband by my side, my daughter, who was but a child back then, sitting at my feet, my son lying on the only piece of furniture in the room and the doctor standing in front of me. My entire world stood still as he uttered the words “there is nothing you can do for your son.” to which I replied “you do not know me.”, the second I said those words was like I etched them in stone as a promise to my son, myself and anyone else in the world that could benefit from the journey I was about to embark on.

I began to do heavy research on the topic of food and the effect of the toxicity that comes with processed food. And when both my children went to school, I took the opportunity to start building this new found idea. Since I was capable of travelling to bring all these organic and specialty products to Jordan, I felt as if I would be doing something wrong if I didn't.

I did not start Juthour based on an allergy or Aspergers, I started Juthour so that people in Jordan can have better access to a healthier lifestyle. Because before Juthour happened, organic and specialty food was practically non-existent in the Jordanian market. I started Juthour because my passion in life had finally made its way towards me. A passion to educate people, to help those who are willing to let me, to widen people’s horizons.

I absolutely love standing in supermarkets to represent my products and educate people about everything I know. I am not to be mistaken with a nutritionist, but it doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two about how to eat properly. The simple things that make a difference in my life is something I like to share with whoever is willing to listen. I like giving simple information to the consumer and little helpful facts that will have a positive effect on their health.

I am a designer by degree. But by leaving the design world, I was so much more capable of giving back to the community, and that feeling is more rewarding than anything I could have ever envisioned. Watching my business grow and seeing how people respond to it is the single most liberating feeling in the whole world and I will forever be in debt to those who supported and believed in me throughout this endeavor.

Luma Khalaf