Acai Powder (113g)

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Açaí is often touted as “The Superfood of Superfoods” due to its long list of health benefits and impressive antioxidant & omega-fatty acid content. Sunfood açaí berries are wild harvested from the Amazon, then ground up and freeze dried without any additives or fillers. The beautiful purple color is completely natural and signifies the abundance of antioxidants in its pigment. Add Açaí Powder to your smoothies and recipes for a burst of immune-boosting antioxidants & brain-boosting omega fatty acids!

Ingredients: Certified organic açaí powder. Note: Our açaí powder is flash pasteurized before the freeze-drying process. Packaged in a gluten-free facility. May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.


Gluten Free | Organic

Vendor: Sunfood