Bathroom Cleaner Unscented (800ml)

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"Discover the power of ATTITUDE's Nature+ Bathroom Cleaner – Unscented, a formidable solution for tackling limescale, soap scum, and grime on various bathroom surfaces, including tiles, shower curtains, countertops, and toilet bowls. This highly effective natural formula harnesses the cleansing and antibacterial properties of ingredients like saponin and green tea extract, ensuring your washroom stays impeccably clean. Moreover, it's formulated with dermatologically tested, plant- and mineral-based ingredients, making it a perfect choice for those with fragrance sensitivity in our UNSCENTED line.

Ingredients: <<5% non-ionic surfactants (caprylyl glucoside, myristyl glucoside). Contains also: Aqua / water / eau, citric acid, propanediol, xanthan gum, sapindus mukorossi fruit extract (saponins).

Vendor: Attitude