Bio Mayorice Original (155ml)

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Mayorice Original Probios is the egg-free rice-based mayonnaise, also available in a practical tube. Gluten-free and vegan product, certified by the Italian Vegetarian Association.100% plant-based, Mayorice in a tube is perfect to accompany numerous dishes, tasty sandwiches or for appetizing aperitifs. It does not contain eggs, soy, lactose, wheat and gluten, so it is suitable for all those with special dietary needs. The aluminum tube allows you to use the product without waste and is perfectly recyclable, its practical "star" cap allows you to use the product also to garnish dishes. Try it also in the Mayorice version with herbs in a tube, with all the flavor of Mediterranean herbs. Taste the Mayorice also in a jar, available in Original, Herbs and Tzatziki Style flavors.

Ingredients: *sunflower oil, water, *apple cider vinegar, *rice flour 3.6%, *agave syrup, sea salt, *lemon juice, *mustard powder, waxy corn starch, stabilizers: *guar gum and xanthan gum, *pea protein. *biological.


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