Stash Gluten Free Decaffeinated English Breakfast Black Tea (36g)

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Our decaffeinated English Breakfast tea undergoes a natural European decaffeination process, preserving 99.5% of the tea's flavor, color, and aroma while eliminating caffeine. The result is a bold, full-bodied tea, perfect with milk or lemon, and even as an outstanding iced tea option. Enjoy the rich flavor any time of day.

The prototype for English Breakfast was crafted over a century ago by the Scottish Tea Master, Drysdale, in Edinburgh. Initially known as "Breakfast Tea," its popularity in England grew thanks to Queen Victoria's enthusiasm for all things Scottish. Tea shops in London eventually rebranded it as "English Breakfast Tea." Today, English Breakfast is cherished by tea enthusiasts worldwide and remains a staple during English High Tea


3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit

Tea Bag Packaging: 18 tea bags in a box

Ingredients: Naturally decaffeinated blended black teas

Vendor: Stash