Gluten Free Fungarella Instant Mushrooms Sauce Mix (50g)

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Want to cook with taste? It’s easy with the creamy porcini mushrooms dressing by Bauer. From a careful selection of mushrooms and vegetables comes Fungarella. A quick dressing that is easy to prepare: simply dissolve and boil in water the contents of one sachet for a few minutes. This dressing will make your pasta and risotto special, and it is excellent for flavouring meat.

Ingredients : Rice flour, dehydrated “Porcini” mushrooms: 19%, sea salt, dehydrated vegetables in variable percentage (onion, carrot, parsley, garlic, celery, tomato), non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (Palm), extract of soy corn hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, tomato paste, pepper, paprika, corn oil.

Gluten Free

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