Natural Pantiliners (50p)

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Our pads are made with 0% chlorine bleaching, which helps prevent harmful toxins from entering waterways. Pantiliners that feature our innovative pure fit design that conforms to your body.Available in whatever fit you prefer (ultra-thin with wings, liners, or maxi) and whatever absorbency you need (light, regular, Super, super long, overnight). Period care on a mission. We're donating 43 for every pack of tampons and pads we sell in the u.S. (Up to 1 million) to non pro fits helping make period care more equitable. Made with 0% fragrances, dyes, deodorants, or rayon. Our Plastic packaging is fully recyclable.

Ingredients: Totally chlorine free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core), polypropylene (liner), polyethylene (moisture barrier layer), adhesives (seams, layers).

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Vendor: Seventh Generation