Organic Apple Bisco (105g)

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Oat flour, oat flakes, linseed and sunflower seeds in combination with fine cane sugar provide mild sweetness. Small pieces of dried apples provide fruity accents. Apple Bisco are an essential source of dietary fibre, so you get even more out of them. Also, you’ll be pleased to know Apple Bisco comes in handy, ready to eat portion packs.

Ingredients : gluten free oat * 40% (flakes*, flour*) , maize starch * , palm oil * , glucose syrup * , cane sugar * , dried apples * 8,5% , maize flour * , seeds * (flax* 2,3%, sunflower* 2,3%) , natural flavouring * , sea salt , raising agents: ammonium carbonate, calcium phosphate ; emulsifier: sunflower lecithin* . Not suitable if you are allergic to the protein avenin.



Organic  / Gluten Free


Vendor: Dr. Schar