Organic Apricot & Strawberry Spelt Porridge (350g)

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Healthy, warm breakfast according to TCM: 100g porridge provide you with 37% of your daily need of fiber, 21% of your required protein and all essential amino acids. And it's purely plant-based with no added sugar.

Ingredients: Wholegrain spelt semolina (wheat)* 40,3%, wholegrain spelt bran (wheat)* 29,5%, chopped apricots* 10% (apricots* 97%, rice flour*), sultanas* (sultanas* 99.5%, sunflower oil*), apricot powder* 4% (apricot purée* 70%, corn starch*), pued amaranth*, roasted and chopped almonds* 2%, freeze-dried strawberry pieces*2%, strawberry powder* 1,5%, cocoa powder*, beetroot powder*, cinnamon*, halit salt.

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