Organic Gluten free Cocoa Rice Biscuits (250g)

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Rice & Rice is Probios' gluten-free line, made up of organic Italian rice-based products.
Rice is a detoxifying food that helps eliminate fat and swelling because, being a complex carbohydrate, it is slowly assimilated by the body and therefore difficult to transform into fat. These delicious rice flour biscuits are reminiscent of the handmade biscuits of yesteryear. Milk-free products enriched with tasty cocoa, they are guaranteed gluten-free. Perfect for breakfast, to be dipped in rice milk or coffee.

Ingredients: * cane sugar, * rice flour, * corn starch, * eggs, * rice starch, * palm oil, * skim cocoa powder, * apple fiber, salt, raising agents (monocalcium phosphate, carbonate sodium and ammonium acid), thickener: guar gum, * cocoa extract, * natural flavor. 


Organic / Gluten Free 


Vendor: Probios