Organic Gluten Free Seed Mix With Poppy Seed (125g)

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Wellness is a mix of organic and gluten-free oilseeds, with poppy, sunflower, dark flax and sesame seeds, rich in nutritional properties. The "Wellness" Bio Seed Mix is ​​a natural source of calcium and phosphorus: calcium contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal muscle function; phosphorus also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.Discover all the 3 Bio Mix of Probios Seeds! Add the Wellness seed mix to your diet, on the site you will find many recipes and delicious ideas to integrate the seeds in your kitchen.

Ingredients :Poppy seeds 30%, sunflower seeds 25%, dark flax seeds 25%, sesame seeds 20%. Biological. May contain traces of  nuts : almonds , hazelnuts , walnuts, cashew nuts , pecan nuts , Brazil nuts , pistachios  macadamia nuts or Queensland nuts.
Organic  Gluten Free 

Vendor: Probios