Organic Linseed with Date & Plum (200g)

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The plum's regulatory properties enhance the effectiveness of the linseed and wheat bran and help to improve bowel function. For a good feeling in your stomach! Flax has been cultivated as a useful plant since the Stone Age. The flax plant grows to more than a meter in height and its flower is usually blue. After pollination the plant forms seeds containing oil and protein. Linseed contains gut-friendly and regulatory bulking agents, which in a natural way stimulate digestion, as well as multiple nonsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3. The fine mixtures of golden and brown linseed, wheat bran with either apple or date and plum granules are very rich in fibre and have a pleasant nutty, fruity taste.

Ingredients: Golden linseed* 46%, brown linseed* 25%, wheat bran*, plum granules* 9% (plum concentrate* 60%, rice flour*), date granules* 8% (date concentrate* 60%, rice flour*).

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