Organic Pear Banana Apple Quinoa Puree (120g)

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The Quinoa is a herbaceous plant that is found in the form of white beans, red or blacks. Originally from South America, already used by Incas and Atzechi, it looks like a cereal but it is not. Unlike cereals it contains all 9 essential amino acids for the functioning of the organism. Rich in fiber and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and iron, it has a high protein content. FruttaSuper Quinoa makes use of this “super” plant, in addition to other fruits such as pear, banana, apple . It is completely organic and can also be used for "consumption on the go".

Ingredients: Pear 72%, Banana 10%, Apple Juice 10%, Quinoa Syrup 7%, Quinoa Flakes 1%. *Organic.



Vendor: Natura Nuova