Organic Vegetable Masala ( 482g )

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Tantalize your taste buds with our warm, robust stew reminiscent of South Indian cuisine. This hearty vegan stew combines yellow split peas, tomatoes, onions and carrots with authentic Indian flavors of tamarind, ginger and cumin. Serve with flatbread and cucumber salad for a delicious change of pace.

Ingredients: water, yellow split peas*, butternut squash puree*, tomatoes*, onions*, carrots*, dried apples*, vegetable broth (water, carrots*, onions*, celery*, tomatoes*, leeks*, mushrooms*, garlic*, savory leaf*, ground bay leaf*)*, potatoes*, corn starch*, buckwheat groats*, cilantro*, garlic*, spice blend (spices*, chili pepper*, turmeric*, salt)*, sunflower oil*, sea salt, tamarind extract*, lemon juice concentrate*, mustard seeds*, cayenne pepper*


Vendor: Pacific Foods