Organic Sugar Free Cacao Hazelnut Biscuits ( 200g )

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Shortbread biscuits with cocoa and hazelnuts produced with wheat flour, without eggs, without milk and without sugar. The delicate sweetness of these biscuits comes from organic erythritol, a natural substance extracted from corn with a fermentation process, similar to fruit ripening. Thanks to the specific formulation based on few ingredients, it makes this product suitable for the needs of those who follow specific diets and those who want to reduce sugars in their diet.

Ingreadient : Wheat flour, Sunflower oil, sweetener: erythritol, corn starch, 1.7% cocoa powder, 0.7% hazelnut paste, raising agents (monpotassium tartrate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), natural flavor vanilla. 


Organic / Sugar Free 

Vendor: Probios